What’s in My Brown Bag?

Help students communicate effectively and provide detailed nutrition information.

Equipment Needed:

• Brown paper lunch bags
FIVE FOR LIFE® InfoCube and Nutrition Cards


1. Give each student a brown paper bag.
2. Scatter the nutrition cards on the floor.
3. Tell students to grab 4-6 nutrition cards and place them inside their brown bag.
4. Challenge students to meet as many people as they can.
5. When students meet up, tell them to select one of their nutrition cards inside their paper bag without showing their partner.
6. Partners will take turns giving clues one at a time describing what is on their nutrition card. Possible clue stems: I taste like… I feel like…I smell like…I belong to ­­­_______ food group.
7. When both partners guessed what is on each other’s food card, tell them to give a fist bump/high five, find a new partner and repeat.
8. Remind students to listen attentively, make eye contact and use appropriate body language to communicate effectively.

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