Cone Race

Grade – K-12


  • 21033-PS Half Cones/Saucer Cones
  • 21026-PS Spot Markers


  • Game is designed for six teams to play in a “relay” style format.  Use the Spot Markers to mark where each play will line up and start the relay race.  Then place six or more half/saucer cones in a straight line with one spot every 10 feet.  Note: distance and number of cones used per line can vary depending on age and size of location where the game is played.

How to Play

  • When the teacher signals the start of the game, players run forward and grab the cone closest to them and bring it back and place it on their spot marker.  Then the next person in line would run and retrieve the next half/saucer cone and bring it back and stack it on top of the previous cone.  The first team to bring back all six cones first and have them stacked on top of each other is the winner.  Can be player with only one player per team.
  • Advanced option – when the players bring back the cones, they must be stacked top to top and bottom to bottom.  This will slow down the race and add a new challenge in stacking the cones.

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