Multiplication Stations

4 and up

• 8 posters (see below)-use large chart paper so everyone can see
• 12 The Zone Exer Dice Set of 6 (16982)
• 24 The Zone Soft Touch No Sting Volleyballs Set of 6 (33621)
• 6 No-Kink 30” Hoops (14014)

• Hang up the 8 posters, 2 in each corner of the gym.
• Place 3 dice, 3 volleyballs, and 3 hula hoops under each poster.

How to play:
You can have students travel alone or in partner pairs, and use any specific equipment you might be working on in PE already.
You can tell each student or partner pair a number to start at so they are all not starting at number 1.
Send the students the corners to get started. They do their multiplication problem, then they do their sport skill and fitness skill that many times. Then they move to the next poster and do the same number there. They keep moving around the room until time is up.

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