Basketball Color Exchange

• Jumbo 19” Poly Spots (12– 2 of each color) (21214)
• Jumbo Deck Rings (12– 2 of each color) (15408)
• 12 Powr Grip Rubber Basketballs (12– 2 of each color) (50440)
• 12 12” Cones (2 of each color) (21198)
• 12 Cone Folders (2 of each color) (21192)
• Color code chart

• Spread out jumbo spots with matching deck ring on top in a large circular shape.
• Place a matching basketball on top of each deck ring.
• Place a matching cone with cone folder in front of each spot (inside of circle).
• Create two wheels using the app Classroom roulette. Using an ipad or laptop for the app and use a projector to have it displayed on one the wall in the gym.
• On one wheel include 3 colors (red, orange, yellow) and on the other (green blue purple) and have them appear 2-3 times in each wheel.

How to play:
Have students stand behind a jumbo spot facing the cones and center of circle
• Spin the two wheels at same time • If the wheel lands on the color you are standing at you pick up your ball and dribble around the outside of the circle in a clockwise direction using your dominant hand back to your same spot. • Everyone else picks up the ball and follows the task for the given color (which are located on the sheets inside of cone folder) • Continue spinning until everyone’s color has been selected at least once. • Additional rounds of level 1 could include: non-dominant hand, crossover dribble
•If the wheel stops at your color pick up the ball and dribble through the circle and exchange spots with someone else of the same color(s) being called (wheel landed on)
• If the wheel stops at your given color pick up the ball and dribble toward someone else of the same color and exchange passes and swap spots

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