BLOG: The Benefits of Yoga in PE

Yoga has become a very popular activity over the years–and for good reason. Not only does it increase flexibility, muscle strength and tone– it has proven to better one’s mental health and even increase respiration, energy, vitality and so much more. With so many benefits, it’s a no brainer that we should be sharing this form of exercise with our students! Yoga can benefit children significantly. Read on and see how it can positively effect your students.

1. It’s non-competitive.

Yoga is truly for everybody. While there are masters of this art, not everyone has to be one in order to reek it’s benefits. It’s all about exploring and learning in your own way. Therefore there is no pressure to be the best.

2. It teaches self-acceptance.

The society we live in today is constantly telling our kids that they are not good enough or that they are not measuring up. Yoga can teach kids to love themselves as they are and arm them with the tools to diminish self doubt. This can benefit them well into their teen and adult years.

3. It creates peace.

While practicing yoga, your students can learn that all living beings are to respected as they are. This can help create a more peaceful surrounding and acceptance and tolerance for others. What kind of changes would we see in the world if everyone was a little more accepting and tolerant of each other?

4. It encourages healthy habits.

When learned early, yoga can help kids remain healthy and physically active into adult hood. Not only does it help with physical activity, but overall mental health and the ability to focus on the positives in life will become second nature to them.

5. It helps with Focus.

We live in a world that is dominated by texting, social media and selfies. The distractions that are constantly being put in front of our students make them unable to focus on anything for an extended amount of time. Yoga can help students be present in the moment and focus on their breathing. They can apply this to every day situations which in turn will improve their focus on the task at hand.

6. It supports positive mental health in children.

This is important! In the fight against mental health issues, yoga can be a major tool in preventing anxiety and depression in our students. When practicing yoga, it can open up a whole new world of acceptance for themselves and others– calm their minds and make them become aware of their own special abilities. They are more likely to be positive and optimistic about the future, causing anxiety to go to the way side.

Now is the time to introduce a Yoga unit if you haven’t already. The benefits are sure to make a lasting impact on your class.

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