Toss Boss


To work together and score as many points as possible by taking turns tossing ball/items into the round net goal. 


  • Round Net Goals  40” size #17190  or 20″ size #17278
  • Skinny No Kink Hula Hoops #14029
  • Cannon Launchers w/foam balls #16178 &
  • Dodge Discs #17242 or Flex Flyers #11060
  • Secret Spots #21213
  • Various Balls to throw

Suggestions: #10581 Spider Grip Multi Balls; #17154 Mini Fish Footballs;

#10569 Easy Grip Foam Balls; 10220 Zone PG Softies

  • White boards #21202 & dry erase markers

Description of Game:

  • 1 student from each group/pair grabs ball or throwing item and stands on the spot and tosses/throws/launches into any of the available round net goals
  • Students receive a point (different point values for each spot depending on distance from round net goal) if ball lands inside
  • Students take turns attempting to hit target (round net goal at various heights and flipped upside down)
  • While one throws, the next person (or partner) tracks the points.


  • Place round net goals  in center of playing area (usually half court line)
  • Set up stations at each endline under the basket with whiteboard to track points
  • Place secret spots distanced from each other leading up to goals on both sides for maximum participation
  • Each station contains a hula hoop, whiteboard, and throwing items

View equipment needed for this game here:

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