Objective/Purpose: To spell as many words with your partner or small group. Students will obtain letters by completing a skill using a variety of manipulatives. 

Grade Level: 2-5


• 6 Jumbo 19” round Poly spots #21214

• 6 30” Skinny No Kink Hoops #14029

• 1 Set of Spidergrip Multi Balls  #10581

 • 2 sets of secret spots #21213

 • 1 set of knockdown targets #17227 or #17206 FlipZ

 • 2 sets of Cone folders #21192

•  2 (sets of 6) 12” cones #21106

• 6 Whiteboards #21202

Set-Up: At one end of the gym place 1 jumbo polyspot for each group of 3-5 students in a row spread evenly from one side to the other. This will be each group’s home base when obtaining their letters. Behind each spot will be one hula-hoop. Each group should have 1 Hoop, 1 Spidergrip Ball, 1 Knockdown Target, 1 Spellbinder Handout, 1 whiteboard and marker. Each group will have a row of 6 Secret Spots going towards the opposite end of the gym. Each spot should be approximately 5-7 feet apart from one another. Along the outer area of the playing area, on both sides, place one Cone and Cone folder at each level of Secret Spots. Each cone folder will have a sign signifying Levels 1-6. Letters assigned to each level will be on the Spellbinder handout. 

Rules of the game/Safety: Students will take turns throwing and catching the Spiderball. Students will look at their Spellbinder sheet and decide which letters they need to spell a word. This will then determine which level they will start at. If the student wants the letter “A” and that is at Level 4, they will need to run their Knockdown target out to level 4, place it on the secret spot and then have a partner throw the ball to them.  If they are successful in catching the ball at that spot they bring the target and ball back and select a letter from that level’s list. Students write that letter down on their whiteboard and then rotate turns. If a student misses or is unsuccessful they return the target and ball back and rotate. When they spell a word correctly from the list they cross it off and move onto another word. Students when performing their skill must have one foot on their jumbo spot when throwing but may step forward with their opposite foot. Students catching the ball must have one foot on the secret spot. 

Variations: Throw and Catch, Roll and hit target, Throw and hit target, Kick and hit Target, Kick and Trap the ball on the spot. Words can be from a list provided or students choose their own. Students complete an exercise after each word spelled. 

View equipment needed for this game here: https://www.palossports.com/store/search.cfm?q=Spellbinders+Equipment+List&go.x=11&go.y=19

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