Super Scooter Basketball

Grades: K-8

• 2 round net goals (17190)
• 1 oversized grabby ball (16384)
• 12 scooters (6 red vs. 6 blue) or whatever colors you have (17123/17126)

• Place the 2 round net goals at opposite ends of the gym
• Put 6 scooters on each side of the gym, by the goals
• Put the big blue ball in the middle of the gym

Sequence of events:
• Split the students into two teams
• Each team has a goal to score on at the opposite end of the playing field
• On the signal go, you bounce the big blue ball toward a teammate for a catch, or you bounce the ball into the goal.
• To score a point, you bounce the ball into the round net goal.
• There can be a goalie placed at each goal to try and defend the goal.
• You can draw out an arch around the goal where no one can enter but the goalie if you’d like.

Rules and safety:
Stay on your scooter, ride safely on your bottom
Do not stand up
Bounce and catch only
Students should keep their hands safely on the scooter

• You could put the round net goal in the center of the gym, and and have several defenders form each team trying to defend.
• Kicking the ball only.
• Use a different kind of ball or locomotor
• Stand up and play, don’t use a scooter.

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