I Like to Move It, Move It Math

• White Boards (21202)
• Exercise Dice (16982)
• Skinny Hoops (14028)
• Colored Cone Set (21049)
• Alphabet Spots (70061)
• Pocket Cubes (16981 )
• Sign holders/cone folders (21192)

To increase math composing/decomposing skills while being physically active with a partner or small group.

Description of game:
One student at a time from each group will take turns being the leader and go to the center and select a number card and bring it back to their group. As a group they must use their whiteboards and write down as many different combinations of numbers they can use to get to the number they selected on their card. When the leader brings the card back he or she will share the number with the group. The group will then run one lap together around the outside of the playing area. While running their lap they should be starting to think of number combinations to write down. Students can share with one another out loud or wait until they all return to their home spot. When they return they should share their combinations while the leader writes them down on the whiteboard. Example: Addition: They select the number 12. Students can write down 6 + 6, 3 + 9, 4 + 8, and so on. When they are done or can no longer think of any more number combinations, the group will look at their number card and see what color the number is. That color will determine which exercise station they will go to for their group exercise. If the number is red then the student that is the leader will go to the red cone and roll the red exercise dice which will decide which exercise the group will need to do. They will also roll the two pocket cube dice which will determine how many of the exercise they will do. That student will come back to the group and lead the group in their exercise. When finished a new leader will go to the middle and repeat the process.

Put students in groups of 2, 3 or 4 depending on the size and space and have them sit near one of the poly spots scattered around the gym. In the center of the playing area scatter all of the number printouts facing down. Around the perimeter will be 6 cones each with a hula hoop and an exercise dice and two pocket cubes. Each group will start with a whiteboard and marker at their spot.

Addition, subtraction, division, multiplication

View equipment needed for this game here: https://www.palossports.com/store/search.cfm?q=I+Like+to+Move+It%2C+Move+It+Math+Equipment+List&go.x=42&go.y=20

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