Plaque Busters

Objective: The purpose of this activity is to teach students the proper way to brush their teeth and increase Cardiovascular Endurance.

Equipment: 2-4 Foam Toothbrushes (17226), 2-4 yellow yarn balls to represent plaque

Class Organization: Students will be together for demonstration on proper brushing technique.

After the demonstration, students will be in the scattered formation for the game.

Object of the game: The object of the game is to avoid the plaque monsters. If tagged, they must wait for a dentist to come and brush the plaque away.

Procedure: Identify 2-4 taggers to represent Plaque Monsters (yellow yarn balls) Identify 2-4 students to represent the dentists and give them a foam toothbrush. Explain that the proper way to brush your teeth is to brush the sides, front, back, top and bottom. Remind them to brush their roof of mouth, tongue and cheeks. On the signal “Go” students (a tooth) will run around the gym avoiding the plaque monsters. If tagged, they become frozen by standing with their feet apart (roots of tooth) and hands over their head in the shape of a heart (crown of tooth). They stay there until the dentist arrives and brushes the front, back, side top and bottom of tooth. Once plaque is removed, the student returns to the game. Play for several minutes and then switch plaque monsters and dentists.

Ground Rules:

· Use proper tagging technique

· Run with head up, eyes open and forward

· Be aware of your surroundings

Variations: Read a book about Teeth, change locomotor skills, use a swim noodle as dental floss

Equipment needed:

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