Soccer FlipZ

By Erin Sabyan


  • Knock down all of the opposing team’s FlipZ in their goal box.
  • Develop soccer skills in a fun way.


  • The ZONE™ FlipZ, Set of 24, (17206) (24 FlipZ)
  • The ZONE™ Foam Soccer Balls, Set of 6, (59004) (4 to 10 balls)
  • 9” Colored Cones, (21048) or 9” Rubber Spots, (21026) (Qty. sufficient to mark boundaries & goal boxes).
  • Sleeve-Its™, (22112 – 22117) or Pinnies,  (22101 – 22108) (2 team colors, qty. varies by class size)


  • Using a volleyball sized court create a goal box at each end 5 feet deep.
  • Use 12 FlipZ in each goal box.  FlipZ can be set up individually, or in multiple pyramids.
  • Start the game with 4 foam soccer balls and add more as needed.  The goal should be to have the right number of balls in play for as many players to get a chance to kick and or defend the ball.  If you see players staying on the side, call their name and roll a ball to them.  This will create a lot of small groups and keep everyone active.


  • Players must try to kick the soccer ball from within the playing area and cannot go into the goal box to shoot. 
  • After a player shoots the ball, the defending team is allowed to go and retrieve the ball and bring it back into play.  Any time a player kicks a ball out of bounds this is considered a turnover and the opposing team gets to bring the ball back into play. 

Note: it is optional to have that player do a soccer style throw in using both their hands to put the ball back into play.

  • Goal keepers are optional.  However, it is recommended to always use the formula of two less goalies than there are FlipZ pyramids to knock down.  For example, if you have four FlipZ pyramids, then you would have 2 goalies.  If you have six FlipZ pyramids, then you’d have 4 goalies.  You always need to have some FlipZ left undefended or the game will never end.

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