By Erin Sabyan


  • Teach students what germs are and how they cause the spread of illness through coming into contact with them.


  • PALOS Ultra-Light 6” Foam Balls, (10586) (Set of 6) 1 ball per player

Note: Other styles of foam balls may be used.

  • Large container to hold the foam balls


  • Place the bucket of foam balls in the center of an open playing area. The container should be large enough to make the balls easy to access.
  • One student is given a ball and chosen to be the first germ. The rest of the students are spread throughout the playing area.


  • At the teacher’s signal, play begins with the first germ trying to tag the other students. When a player gets tagged by germs, they must go and get a germ (foam ball) and then tag as many people as possible.  This continues until everyone has been tagged by a germ. 
  • Even with a large class this game will only take about 1 minute to complete.  Then you have a discussion showing how fast germs can spread through touch.  Ask the students where they might come in contact with germs and how germs can be prevented. 
  • This game pairs perfectly, and is a great lead up to the game ABC’s of Handwashing.

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