3 Person Hockey

By Erin Sabyan


  • Learn how to take a face off, play one on one, stick handle, play defense, pass/shooting skills


  • Floor hockey sticks  – 2 per triangle
  • The ZONEβ„’ Vinyl Pucks or Hockey Balls – 1 per triangle
  • 9” Colored Cones (or larger) – 3 cones per triangle

Set up

  • Set up multiple triangles using 3 cones each. Cones should be 10 – 15 ft. apart and triangles should be spread out enough to give players ample safe playing space.
  • Place 2 hockey sticks and one ball or puck in each triangle.


  • Groups of three players go to each triangle of cones.  Two players each pick up a hockey stick and place the ball/puck in the middle of the triangle.  The third player stays on the side and rotates in every time a goal is scored.
  • The two initial players start with an β€œNHL” style face off.  This means they line up and face each other with their sticks on the floor, on each side of the ball/puck.  Then, they tap their sticks together above the puck and back to the ground. This occurs 3 times while saying, β€œN”, β€œH”, β€œL” with each tap in the air. After the β€œL” (3rd tap), play starts and the players move to win the face off.  The first player to shoot the puck into any of the three cones is the winner.  The person who lost rotates out with the person waiting their turn and the next round starts.

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