By Erin Sabyan


  • Be the first team to place all 10 FlipZ on their back line, with their team color facing up.


  • The ZONE™ FlipZ (10) (17206)
  • The ZONE™ Super Straps & Flags (1 belt/2 flags per player) (32266)
  • Sleeve-It’s or pinnies  – 2 team colors (1 per player) (22118)
  • Hoops (2) (14016)

Set Up

  • Using a volleyball sized court set up 5 FlipZ along each back line.  One side should have all the blue ends on top and the other side should have the red ends on top.
  • Place one hoop in either of the back corners on each team’s side.
  • Each player wears a Super Strap with two flags (one over each hip). 
  • Each team chooses one Sleeve-It or pinnie color and places one on.

Game Play

  • Teams start with all players on their side of the court.
  • At the teacher’s signal, players run to the opposing team’s side and try to capture their FlipZ. They must bring them back to their own side and place them on the back line with their own color facing up.
  • Players must avoid having their flags pulled off, on the opposing side, while capturing FlipZ. If a player takes a flag, he or she must drop it or hand it back. The player who lost the flag must place it back on his or her belt and move to the opposing team’s hoop.

*Note: Players can only pull flags on their own side.

  • Only one person can be in the hoop at a time.  If a player comes to the hoop and it is occupied by a team mate, they give a high five and the player inside returns to their side of the court. They cannot attempt to capture a FlipZ until performing this function.
  • When a team gets all 10 FlipZ, with their color facing up, on their side, they are the winners.
  • Note: you can add exercise cards, math problems, etc. inside the hoop that the players must complete before getting released by a team mate.  This is optional.

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