Dueling Cannons

By Tim Taggart

Equipment Needed

            * All sets of 6 should contain red, orange, yellow, green, blue purple

The ZONE™ Foam Hoop Holders (set of 6 pairs) (17280)

The ZONE ™ Cannon Launchers – 2 Sets of 6 (12) (16178)

 9” Poly Spot Markers – 5 Sets of 6 (30) (21093)

  Hoops (set of 6) (14016)

  1 Foam Ball or Cannon Cube per Player (26013)

Set up

            Note: All equipment used in each row should be of matching colors.

Using 30 poly spots, create 6 even rows (one each for red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple). Each row should contain 5 matching color spots (all red, all green, etc.). The rows should be placed approximately 5 ft. apart and each spot should be 10 – 12 ft. apart.

Using the hoop holders, place a matching color hoop on the middle spot of each row. Place a matching color cannon launcher 5 ft. away from the first spot on both sides of each row. Face each launcher towards the hoop. Players line up behind the cannon launchers in equal numbers. Each player receives one foam ball or cube. Note: Cubes work best for grades K-2. Spots may be moved closer for younger students.

Game Play

  • Objective – To be the first team to advance the hoop to the last spot of the opposing side successfully launching balls or cubes through the hoop while on each spot.
  • Court – any surface will work and spots can spaced out according to age and ability.
  • Rules – Players line up in single file lines behind the cannons and shoot at will with the goal of getting the ball or cube to go through the hoop.  If a player makes a successful shot through the hoop then the player advances the hoop one spot closer to the opposing side.  If both sides make a shot through the hoop at the exact same time, then the hoop does not advance in either direction. After each shot, the player who launches the ball must retrieve it and move to the back of the line.  The next player may take their turn immediately. This play continues until a team advances the hoop to the last spot of the opposing side while making a successful shot.

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