Number Madness

•12-30” hula hoops for every 2-3 students (groups can be larger) scattered #14029)
• 2 foam dice in each hoop (24 dice) 4 sets of #15034
• Laminated signs with #’s 1-12 (or higher if you use multiplication)
• 2 sets of sign holders/cone folders #21192
• 12 cones #21162
• Colored Wood Sticks #16837
• 6 Exerdice #16982
• 2 sets of whiteboards with cone toppers #21205
• 2 round 20” net goals #17278
• 2 Dodgediscs #11068
• 12 buckets #15607
• 3 power grip soccer ball #50443

• Place the 12 buckets and stations signs around the perimeter.
• Put the hoops in the center. In each hoop put a whiteboard, marker and 2 dice.
• 2-3 students at each hoop.

How to play:
• 2 people to a hoop
• Each hoop contains a white board and 2 dice
• Students take turns rolling dice (each rolls 1 dice)
• Students add the two dice together (older students can multiply the dice together) You can use the whiteboard to write out the problem.
• Students run to the number on the wall which is the sum of their two dice
• Once at the sum (# on the wall) they must do the exercise that it says to do then grab a stick out of the bucket below and return to their hoop with their stick.

View equipment needed here:

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