Alphabet Scramble

To work together as a team (pairs) to spell a given word by tossing an object using the paratossers from letter to letter.

Grade Level: K-6

• Alphabet Poly Spots (70061)
• Paratossers (16220)
• Various manipulatives to toss
• Word cards (to be placed under a poly spot)
• Alphabet cards for each team/pair
• Hula hoop for each team/pair (14029)

• Scatter alphabet spots on ground throughout playing area
• Place a word under each letter (should start with the letter poly spot, ie. A {ant} B{ball}
• Place hula hoops with a variety of manipulatives, paratosser, and alphabet card in each of them
• Group students in pairs and send to a hula hoop
• Pairs grab the alphabet card, paratosser, and one of the manipulatives from hoop (their choice) and go to the first letter on their card.
• At the letter spot, pairs lift up spot and read the word beneath it
• Pairs must spell the word by successfully tossing and catching an item using paratosser at each of the letters in the word.
• Once word completed, they lift up the end letter poly spot to begin new word
• Pairs may not advance letters in word until an object is successfully tossed and caught.
• Pairs can take turns tossing and catching roles with each letter
• Can use grade level sight/vocab words or words used in current PE unit
• Could also use sentences under the spots with a blank word for students to figure out and spell.

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