Wii Bowling

Wii bowling is a partner or small group game which works on rolling/underhand toss and teamwork.

Grade level: K-8

β€’ The Zoneβ„’ Weighted Knock Down Targets (17227)
β€’ Buckets (16023)
β€’ Flipz (17206)
β€’ 30” skinny hoops (14029)
β€’ Nexus Hurdles (16720)
β€’ Foam Tchoukball (or any balls for rolling) (16078)

Before students arrive set up 6 hoops (different colors) on baseline. Just past the Β½ court line scatter weighted pins and Flipz across and toward the opposite baseline. Use buckets and hurdles as obstructions to pins and Flipz. You can place some of the Flipz’s on the buckets as a target for underhand tossing and to challenge the student with difficulty.

Description of Game:
β€’ Group students into partners or small groups and place next to hula hoops at the baseline.
β€’ 1 student at a time travels with ball to just behind half court line. They may go anywhere on the half court line and are NOT restricted to just in front of their home hoop.
β€’ Students roll or underhand toss in attempt to knock down as many Flipz or pins as possible.
β€’ After roll or toss students go into playing area and retrieve ball and any/all pins that they knocked down with their turn.
β€’ Students return to their home hoop and place any pins or Flipz they knocked down in.
β€’ Next student takes their turn and game continues until all items have been knocked down.

β€’ Use different types of balls
β€’ Change the manipulative skill (ie., overhand throwing, kicking, frisbee throw, etc.)
β€’ Assign different point values to the manipulatives used as targets.
β€’ Designated a secondary line which is past the half court line to assist in success once all the closer pins/Flipz’s have been knocked down.

View equipment needed here: https://www.palossports.com/store/search.cfm?q=Wii+Bowling+Equipment+List&go.x=20&go.y=26

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