Toss and Throw BINGO

Toss & Throw Bingo allows students to work on tossing & throwing for accuracy as well as catching skills and addition (specifically decomposing numbers).

Grade level: K-5

• Dodge discs (17242)
• Cannon launcher/balls (16178)
• Foam Tchoukball (16078)
• # Poly spots 1-30 (21200)/(21149)
• 22 Skinny hula hoops (14029)
• 6 Cone Folders (21202)
• 6 colored cones (21162)
• 6 Cone Toppers (21201)
• 1 dry erase marker for each group

• Set colored cones and hoops next to each other across one baseline
• In front of each place index ring of math problems.
• Place three different types of throwing manipulatives of choice in each home hoop
• Starting just past the half court line use hula hoops to mark the bingo grid 4×4, spread out generously to take up space reaching to almost the opposite baseline
• Inside of each hoop place a numbered poly spot

Description of game:
• Divide students into pairs or small groups and place at one baseline spread out next to cone and hula hoop
• Students have a pattern card to follow and must attempt to complete by throwing and catching at the appropriate hoop
• As a successful catch is made, students look down at the number poly spot in the hoop, return to home hoop and mark the box they have caught with a dry erase marker and then remember the number they stood on and each decompose into an addition problem. So if they caught the ball on the number 10, they would each write out a problem that equaled 10 (so 5+5, or 4+6, or 7+3…)
• Students continue taking turns with tossing/throwing & catching until a pattern is complete and then trade the card in for the next pattern. Pattern cards vary in difficulty.

View equipment needed here:

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