Blindfold Games

Sightless Shootout

Objective: Blindfolded player knocks down pin with a foam ball and verbal cues from sighted partner.
Equipment: Blindfolds, pins and foam balls
Directions: Partner up your students with a blindfold, pin and foam ball for each pair. Create 2 lines for one of each pair to stand on. Have sighted partner place the pin at their feet and the blindfolded partner has the pin.
Variation: Sighted partner stand next to the blindfolded partner to coach- less shouting. Have them throw balls at pins instead of rolling. Add pins to knock over.

Cross the Path

Objective: Sightless players move across a field of obstacles while being verbally coached from the sidelines of sighted players.
Equipment: Blindfolds and pins
Directions: Divide class into 2 groups. Give half of each group blindfolds. Set up area with pins scattered around. Blindfolded players line up at one end and sighted players are on the sidelines. Blindfolded players must traverse the field without knocking down the pins. If player knocks over a pin, they must start over. Once across, switch positions.
Variations: Add more obstacles such as hurdles, rolling balls, or a tunnel to crawl through. If one player knocks over a pin, all must start over. Have blindfolded players hold hands in groups of 3 or 4.

Pin Count

Objective: Sightless players traverse an obstacle course to retrieve pins.
Equipment: Blindfolds and pins and items for obstacle course
Directions: Create 2-4 groups of teams. Half of each team is provided blindfolds. The other half will coach their teammates through the obstacle course. The area of play should have 3-5 pin areas where the blindfolded player must collect a pin on each turn. Once they have gotten a pin, they should return to their group and switch places.
Variation: Have more blindfolded players on the course at one time, add more obstacles, teammates can coach from sidelines or by following them or in front of them.

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