Bone Bonanza

To be the first team to assemble a complete skeleton and teach the names and locations of the bones by completing the given challenges.

Grade Level: 2-8

• 15 hula hoops: 5 red, 4 orange, 3 yellow, 2 green, 1 purple (# of hoops can be adjusted to accommodate class size) (X14034)
• 4 blue buckets (to go inside of each orange hula hoop) (15607)
• 8 RuffSKIN™ Super 70 balls (2 in each bucket in a different color) (10485)
• 6 dice (2 in each yellow hoop) (15034)
• 2 whiteboards, 2 markers (different colors), 2 erasers inside of green hoops. (21202)
• 2 Cannon Launchers (16179)
• Cannon Cube Bean Bags (26013)
• 2 different critters (15608)
• 4-5 poly bone sets (21005)

How to play:
• Students are placed in teams of 2 or small groups (well behind first level of hoops)
• 1 member from each team competes against another member from different team starting at red hoop level 1 (Rock-Paper-Scissor challenge)
• Winner of challenge collects bone for each level and brings back to team, Loser performs given task before returning to team.
• Students advance a level with each win.
• With each loss students DO NOT COLLECT a BONE.
• Losers return to the last level they were at (if cranium collected at first level, then can advance to orange. If all bones collected at orange level then can start at yellow, etc.)
• Teams/students cannot advance a level until they have collected ALL bones from last level.
• Once all bones have been collected, they may begin to assemble. Teams may NOT assemble until all bones have been collected.
• Individual bone pieces will be found off to side of each level inside of a blue hoop

Ideas and inspirations from…
• Justin Cahill @ justybubPE (bucket challenge)
• Austin Thompson (pyramid)

View equipment needed here:

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