The Zone™ Bounder Ball

Play Objectives

  • Improve throwing, balance, and movement skills
  • Use strategy and teamwork to achieve a common goal

Set up

  • Using a basketball or volleyball sized court, place one Bounder Ball goal at the center of the base line on each end of the court. 
  • Create a goal crease (goal box) a min of 15 feet from the baseline. The crease is the area in front of the goal which the offensive player is not allowed to enter while attempting to score. This area can be increased based on the age of players. Since the ball will rebound off the goal, a safe distance for players to have time to react is necessary.
    • There are no goalies.
  • Best played with teams of 7 on each side. 
  • The angle of the Bounder Ball goals are easily adjustable.  The angle will determine how the ball will rebound back into play.  If you would like to play Bounder Ball with soccer rules, simply adjust the Bounder goal into the vertical position.

Object of the game

  • Advance the ball down the court and score by throwing the ball into the center pocket on the Bounder Ball goal.  First team to 11 is the winner.

Game Play

  • Games can be started in two ways.
    • Have a jump ball in the center of the court (like basketball)
    • If playing a soccer version of Bounder Ball, have a soccer style start with one team taking possession of ball to start the game with the first pass having to be sideways or backwards.
  • To work on specific skills it is best to pick one method to advance the ball up the court.
    • You can use Ultimate Frisbee rules with each person only being allowed to take 3 steps before having to pass the ball
    • Players can dribble the ball like a basketball or soccer ball
    • If using flag belts, players can run with the ball an unlimited amount but if their flag gets pulled while they are in motion (running/walking) it is a turnover and the person who pulled their flag receives the ball.
  • Goals are scored when the ball is thrown into the center pocket of the Bounder Ball goal.
    • Balls that miss will rebound back into play
  • When a team scores, the opposing team takes the ball out of the goal and immediately resumes play and brings it up the court.  They are allowed to stay in the goal crease to make the first pass free of opposing players.  Note: that is the only time a player is allowed in the goal crease.
  • The game is over when one of the teams reaches 11 points.

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