Muscles and Bones Frenzy

• The students will be able to attack the other team’s side using speed and agility to dodge the opposition to capture the muscles or bones.
• Students will be able to work together to place the muscles/bones correctly on the body chart.
• Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the body system (muscle and bones).

Grade level:
3rd – 8th Grade

• Muscle Poly-Spots
• Bone Poly-Spots
• 24 Red Flag Belts
• 24 Yellow Flag Belts
• 12 Work-Out Poly Spots
• 2 Body Outline Posters
• 2 cone holders (yellow/red) with marker board sign

• Attacker = Go to steal the bones/muscles
• Guard = Guard the bones/muscles
• Builder = Find where the muscles go on the body

Rules of the game/safety:

  1. Each Player wears a flag belt (Red/Yellow) to designate their team.
  2. Players are safe on their designated teams side.
  3. Once a player crosses the mid-line/half Court of the basketball court they can have their flag belt
    pulled off by the other team.
  4. When a player’s flag belt is pulled they leave the playing field (basketball court) and find their team’s
    work-out area Yellow/Red cones with marker board signs.
  5. At the work-out area complete 10 exercises of a chosen poly spot.
  6. Players may not hold/tie/cover their flag belts.
  7. Players that leave/run out of the playing area, must complete exercises to return to the playing area.
  8. When a flag belt is pulled, it must be dropped on the floor (not thrown into the air) or given back to
    the player.

Students will be broken-up into two teams. Teams will be designated by flag belts (Yellow Team and Red Team). One Team will have the muscle poly-spots spread out on their side (either on the baseline or in a “U” shape on their designated side). The other team will have the bones poly-spots spread out on their side (either on the baseline or in a “U” shape on their designated side). Students are in a safe zone on their designated sides, when they cross the mid-line the other team can pull your flag belt. When their flag belt is pulled they go to the side-line where the work-out poly spots are spaced out. Choose ONE exercise and do 10 of that exercise. When a student crosses the mid-line obtains a muscle/bone and returns safely to their side, they work as a team to place it correctly on their body outline. First team to capture all their muscle/bones and complete their body outline wins.

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