Goal 10 BINGO

To get 10 spots marked off your BINGO card while integrating cross curricular skills-math and physical activity using throwing and kicking activities.

Grade level:

• Bingo cards for partner pairs
• RuffSKIN™ Tchoukballs (16078)
• 36” Hoops – dozen (14034)
• Plain marker-boards (38250) or (21202)
• Dry erase markers
• TriGoal™ (16580)
• Orange numbered poly spots (21200)
• Blue numbered poly spots (21149)

Place the TriGoal™ in center of the room (a tri-goal can also be used) Scatter the blue and orange spots around the goals. Give each student pair a home hoop, bingo card, white board, ball and marker.

Rules of the game/safety:
Students should choose the 10 math problems they want to do collaboratively. They then do the problem in the box they choose first, and find the sum (difference…). The first partner takes a ball and attempts to score from that number spot. Blue spots are for throwing or rolling into the goal, orange spots are kicking, or you can vary that by ball type. Students should watch for personal space when retrieving their ball. If the student scores a goal, they have completed that box and can X it out. Once they have done 10 problems, they have a BINGO and can be given a new card, and a new type of ball.

• If you have different bingo cards, you can have them do an X, 2 rows, 2 columns or L shape to make ten. You could have them do a blackout bingo and complete the card.

• You could have the students earn both the numbers and the total to earn the box.

View equipment here: https://www.palossports.com/store/search.cfm?q=Goal+10+BINGO+Equipment+List&go.x=25&go.y=22

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