FlipZ Game Ideas

Team FlipZ

Divide the class in half into two teams and assign each team one of the end colors of the FlipZ.  Then randomly spread out all the FlipZ in the playing area.  When the teacher signals the start of the game each team flips the FlipZ to get their colored end on top.  Play continues for a predetermined amount of time (30, 45, 60 seconds) and stops when the teacher blows a whistle.  The team with the most FlipZ with their color on top is the winner.

FlipZ Toss

Each player needs one FlipZ and one ball 3” to 6” in diameter.  Each player places the ball on top of one end of the FlipZ.  Then using an upward motion they toss the ball into the air and try to catch it on the end of their FlipZ.

Partner FlipZ Toss

Students pair up in sets of two, each with one FlipZ and only one ball per pair.  Players stand 3-5 feet apart and practice tossing and catching the foam ball using the FlipZ to both toss and catch the foam ball.  Students can add fun by letting the ball bounce one time before trying to catch it with the FlipZ.  Students see how many successful catches they can make.

Target FlipZ

Divide the class into two teams, each team gets the same amount of FlipZ.  Using a Volleyball sized court, each team gets to stack their FlipZ into pyramids on their sides of the court.  The teacher places 6” foam balls along the center line of the court.  Players start by standing on their team’s base line and when game play starts they run up to grab a ball and throw or roll it towards the other side to knock down all the pyramids.  The first team to knock them all down is the winner.  Players are not allowed to throw balls at other players or to stand in front of the pyramids to play defense.


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