Magic Number Dribble Addition

• 6 basketballs
• Spots (1-30) (21200)
• 6 hula hoops (14029)

Students divide up into 6 groups and go stand in a line at a hula hoop. Each group gets one ball. Numbered spots are spread out (number side up) in the center of the playing area.

Description of games:
Before we start, I call out a “magic number” for the round. – this is the number that groups are trying to create by adding the numbered poly spots together. Groups must use a minimum of 3 poly spots that add up to equal the magic number. When the music starts, the first student from each group dribbles out to the center area, picks up one spot, dribbles back to their group, gives the ball to the next student and places the numbered spot in the hoop. Play continues in this fashion until the group has at least 3 spots that (when added together) equal the magic number. After a group wins, have all teams return their spots (# up) in the center of the playing area. Call out a new magic # and play again.

You may have multiple teams win a round. Ex. Magic # is 45. A team could get 21, 20, and a 4. Another team might have 16, 15, and 14. If a number a team needs is not available, they can dribble back to their hoop, take a spot out, dribble it back to the middle and take a new one. Remind students to dribble the ball at all times.

View equipment needed here:


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