Product Production

• (6) Large colored cones for each station (21198)
• (6) Cone toppers (21201)
• (6) White boards for each cone at stations (21202)
• Multiplication charts/problems for each group
• (4 sets) Numbered poly spots (1-36) at each station (21149) (21200) (66462)
• (6) Large tub, bucket, or basket for each station to be used as a target (same color as cone) (15607)
• (1 for each station) super 70 balls (10485)
• Dry erase marker or pencil

• Set Cones up around perimeter of gym or playing area
• Each cone should have a Product(s) written on whiteboard and placed on cone topper. (for example if the products are 12-15, then that is what is written on the whiteboard)
• Numbered poly spots which represent factors for those products are scattered around each large cone. (for example: if the product(s) is 12-15 then numbers such as 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 would be placed around that cone.

Description of games:
• Students are grouped in pairs or small groups and are given a ring with multiplication problems.
• Students will work out each problem in order. When they have solved the problem they go to the correct Product, stand on the two factors and attempt to throw into or at target.
• If they successfully hit the target they mark off the problem with a dry erase marker/pencil and move to the next one.
• Students can continuously throw until they have hit the target.

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