Treasure Hunt

To practice labeling where the muscles are on a body chart

Grade level: Grades 3-5 or to whomever you teach muscles to

4 sets of 6 Flex Flyer Frisbee Discs (11060)
1 set of 12 a2e Body Posters Muscle & Skeletal (16204)
Cards Printed from Active Body Systems & Nutrition Book (16202/16201)
For 6 teams of 4-(24 students), 3 teams do front muscles, 3 teams do back muscles
For 3rd grade-4 front muscles, 4 back muscles ***24 frisbees
For 4th grade- 6 front muscles, 6 back muscles ***36 frisbees
For 5th grade-8 front muscles, 8 back muscles ***48 frisbees
With muscle words underneath them.
Front of the body
3rd grade-Pectoralis Major, Biceps, Abdominals, Quadriceps
4th grade-Pectoralis Major, Biceps, Abdominals, Quadriceps, Obliques, Sartorius
5th grade-Pectoralis Major, Biceps, Abdominals, Quadriceps, Obliques, Sartorius, Sternocleidomastoid, Tibialis
Back of the body
3rd grade-Deltoids, Hamstrings, Triceps,Gluteus Maximus
4th grade-Deltoids, Hamstrings, Triceps,Gluteus Maximus, Latissimus Dorsi, Trapezius
5th grade-Deltoids, Hamstrings, Triceps,Gluteus Maximus, Latissimus Dorsi, Trapezius, Radialis, Gastrocnemius

Put 3 body charts on each end line of the gym. Scatter the muscle cards on the court, cover each with a frisbee. Split the students up into teams of 4. Assign half of the teams they are front muscles and the other half are back muscles (alternate so they don’t copy off of the group directly next to them).

Rules of the game/safety:
One person from your team will travel out to the treasure field and choose one frisbee to look under. Look at the muscle card and determine if it is a front muscle or a back muscle, and if your team needs it for the labeling chart. Take it back to your team’s chart and place it on there in the correct location of the muscle. The next teammate can travel out and find the next muscle you need. If you bring back a duplicate of a muscle you already have, you have to return it to an empty frisbee. If you go to a frisbee and it is empty, your turn is over (or if you’d rather, you can play they find another frisbee). You are only to collect muscles for the side of the body you are looking for. Once a team has finished labeling their 4, 6 or 8 front or back muscles, they are the winner. Return the cards back to the circle and then start again, but assign the opposite side of the body to the teams playing.

Use bones instead of muscles and make it a race.

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