Rock, Paper, Scapula

Equipment needed:
• 1 Hula hoop for each group set of 6 (14034)
• Poly bone sets (21005) (or made from paper #16204 Poster Packs)
• 1 set less than number of teams
• Laminated bone label sets (1 for each group) Muscle Hustle (21153)
• 1 colored cone to match hula hoop set of 6 (21049)
• Sign holder for cones & White Boards with exercise list for each cone (21201/21202)

Illinois state learning goals:
23.A.1A, 23.A.2A

Naspe standard:
1,2 and 4

• Separate students into groups of 2 or small groups.
• Scatter skeleton pieces in center ( or designated area) of playing area
• On given signal 1 student from each group travels to center and finds an opponent to play a round of
rock paper scissors.
• Winner of round goes to middle and grabs 1 bone and returns it to their home base
• Students must place correct bone label onto the retrieved bone.
• Students who lose must return to their home base and select one exercise from the given list and
perform as a group before the next member can go to center for another round.
• When no bones are left in middle, students who win a round of R-P-S may steal from another group.
Students may not steal from same group two consecutive times.
• First team to assemble a complete skeleton and identify correctly wins.

View equipment here

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