Do the Math

For students to find the sum given to them by the teacher.

Grade level:

• Numbered 1-30 Poly Spots (21149/21200)
• White boards (21202)
• White board cone holder (21201)
• Dry Erase Marker
• TriGoal™ (16580)
• Flex Flyers (11060)
• Hoops for home base (X14034)

Put TriGoal™ in the center of the activity. Scatter the numbered spots around the TriGoal™. Put hoops on the perimeter. In each hoop put a marker-board, marker and a ball and/or frisbee.

Rules of the game/safety:
Send two students to each hoop. The teacher will give each partner duo a number card to add up to (ex. 70). In order to get the numbers they need, they will have to go find the numbered poly spot they need, and try to score on the tri-goal. The highest number is 30, so they won’t be able to get their total in one turn. One partner leaves at a time, with the ball from their hoop. If they score on the tri-goal, they get to go back to their hoop and write the number on their marker-board, subtracting it from their goal number. (They chose 26 and made their shot 70-26=54.) If they both missed that number, they do no math and the next partner gets to go to a new number. They repeat this pattern until they get to zero. They then show the teacher, who will check the math, and give them their next goal number. Numbers 1-15 are throwing to the goal, and 16-30 are kicking to the goal. Students should watch for personal space when retrieving their ball.

Every student starts with 100. Same way to play, you are just trying to get down to zero. So you just keep subtracting…OR, you can play that if you miss the goal, you keep adding the points back in, if you make the goal you subtract.

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