Zombie Run

• (2) Super Strap 36 Belt Class Pack (32267)
Create an oval track using cones down the middle and cones along the outside to create the boarders.

Game play:
All participants walk around the track in a counter-clockwise direction and start the game with six Super Flags on their Super Straps. When the teacher yells out a color the participants whose Super Straps are of that color become “Zombies.” Zombies are allowed to move in any direction and can cross over the cones in the middle of the track. Their job is to collect as many flags as they can in 5 to 10 seconds. Then the teacher blows the whistle and everyone goes back to walking in a counter clockwise direction. The players who were just “Zombies” place the Super Flags they picked up onto their belts and play continues when the teacher yells out a different color. This is repeated for as long as the teacher wants to play the game. If a participant does not have any flags when the teacher calls out a color they are also “Zombies” even if their belt is not the color that was called.

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