Buckets of Bones

To be able to correctly identify the bones of the body while participating cooperatively with a partner in an aerobic activity for an extended period of time.

Grade level: 2-5

• 2 Bone Posters (one with bones labeled, one with bones numbered) (16204)
• Numbered index cards (3 random numbers on each card using numbers 1-10)
• 2 card buckets (filled with the numbered index cards) (15607)
• 13 numbered cups/buckets
• Wall signs numbered 1-10
• 1 bucket of bones (4 sets of popsicle sticks with names of bones written on them) (16837)

Tape numbered signs (1-10) on the walls around the gym. Set up bucket of bones (with popsicle sticks inside) in the middle circle. Set up a bucket of numbered cards on each free throw line. Tape the labeled bone poster on one end wall. Tape the numbered bone poster on the opposite end wall. Place the numbered cups/buckets on the floor under the number labeled skeleton poster. Have students partner up.

Rules of the game/safety:
Partner pairs run to a “card bucket” (numbered index cards inside) and pull one out. There are 3 numbers on each card. They memorize the 3 numbers, drop it back in the bucket and then run to find where those numbers are taped on the wall and touch them. When they have touched all three numbers, they run to the “bone box” which is in the middle of the gym. They pull out a bone (popsicle stick with a bone written on it) and take it over to the numbered skeleton poster to find out what number is the same as the bone on their stick. If the students do not know the answer, they must go to labeled bone poster and find the answer. When they know the answer, they put the stick in the correct numbered cup. Groups repeat this process until all the bones (sticks) are gone. Debrief & review at the end of the activity or play again.

View equipment here https://www.palossports.com/store/search.cfm?q=Bucket+of+Bones+Equipment&go.x=0&go.y=0

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