Alien UFO Battle

Each team places 5 spaceships of varying size on their side of the court. “Alien” knock down targets are placed on the spaceships. Teams throw 6” foam balls (not included) at the opposing side’s UFO’s. Play ends when one team knocks down all the opposing targets. Great for all ages and class sizes. Includes: 10 UFO bases, 34 weighted knock-down alien targets, instructions for 3 game variations.

Court: Depending on age and skills level, a volleyball or basketball sized court is appropriate.

Game play: Each team gets to arrange their spaceships strategically on their side of the court. Balls are placed along the center line. Each team lines up at the baseline behind their spaceships. When the whistle blows, both teams advance to the middle of the court to pick up the balls to throw at the opposing team’s ships. Balls can be rolled or thrown. Players cannot move across center line or protect their spaceships by standing in front of them. A spaceship is considered destroyed when all pins have been knocked down. Game is over when one team’s fleet of spaceships is destroyed.

Variations: Allow each team to defend their spaceships. Create defensive players whose job is just to protect the spaceships. Use one less defensive player per spaceship.

Use pins for relay races.

Play 5 pin bowling

Play game on volleyball court while using a no-peek net or tarp so neither team can see the spaceships. View equipment here:

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